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Everything You Need To Know About Walking Your Pet Hamster

Hamsters are small creatures, and taking them for a walk might seem like a scary experience, but it doesn't have to be. If you are careful and if you take the right precautions, you can make the walk enjoyable for both you and your hamster. Keep in mind that walking your hamster can lead to injury so we recommend only taking your hamster on walks around your house.




What to do: 

The first thing, you will have to do is to make sure that your harness is safe for your hamster. Make sure that the harness fits perfectly, and for that we recommend adjustable harnesses which will allow you to adjust it according to your hamsters body.

Apply your harness lightly without forcing the animal into it. Be gentle and patient. You don't want to stress your hamster. 

Walk your hamster around your house. Find a clean space in your house with lots of room. Taking your hamster outdoors can get your pet into so much danger. Other animals like birds might try to kill it. If you have decided to take your hamster outside, your yard should be the furthest place you take your pet.

Walk your hamster slowly and let them lead the way. Keep in mind that you are only there to make sure your hamster doesn't run away or get injured. Don't pull on your hamster. Follow them around and try to lure them in with some treats. If they refuse to walk, treats are always a good way to get them going. 

The walks should be short and no longer than a few minutes. Hamsters are small animals, and they are not used to walking big distances. If you notice that your hamster is tired, give them water and return them to their cage.  




What not to do:

  • Do not impede your hamster's breathing by putting on a small harness
  • Do not pull on your hamster when walking
  • We don't recommend that you take your hamster outside for a walk
  • Do not walk fast with your hamster 
  • Do not take your hamster on long walks




 Products we recommend:

There are two types of harnesses which you can buy for your hamster.

Even though the full body harness looks cuter, we recommend the adjustable harness because we think that it is safer for your hamster. It is also easier to put on and your hamster will not feel traped in this harness. But of course the choice is yours. You will not go wrong with either harness. 


An Adjustable Harness




A Full Body Harness

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