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Small Issue Which Can Lead To Big Problems. Prevent Your Rabbit From Getting Overgrown Teeth

Rabbits have teeth which grow continuously throughout their life. This can lead to their teeth overgrowing which can be unhealthy for your rabbit. Fortunately overgrown teeth can be prevented easily and can be treated easily if your rabbit has them already. In the following article you will find out the symptoms of overgrown teeth, bigger issues which they can cause, how to prevent overgrown teeth and when to seek help.


Overgrown teeth can cause a lot of small issues which you can notice early before any serious issues appear. The early symptoms of overgrown teeth include:

  • drooling
  • apatite decrease
  • change in eating habits

These are the symptoms of minor overgrown teeth. This usually is not a big problem and can be treated at home by giving your rabbit something to chew. Rabbits have to constantly chew, so a chew toy is a perfect toy for them.


Not noticing overgrown teeth in the early stages can cause your rabbit a lot of pain. That is why it is recommended to check your rabbit's teeth on a weekly basis. Overgrown teeth can cause bigger issues like:

  • your rabbit is unable to eat food even though he is hungry
  • your rabbit loses weight rapidly
  • your rabbit has visible swelling on the face and around the mouth
  • your rabbit is visibly in pain

In the following picture you will see a severe case of overgrown teeth.

If your rabbit has teeth like this, please seek professional help by going to the vet.


After you have found out a lot about overgrown teeth, and after you have seen what they can do to your rabbit, you surely want to prevent them. To prevent overgrown teeth, it is recommended:

  • to check your rabbit's teeth on a weekly basis
  • provide your rabbit with plenty of safe objects to chew like chewing toys
  • provide your rabbit with a healthy diet that is rich with fiber which will help to wear down the rabbit's teeth


If you notice any of the bigger issues we have listed in this article, or your rabbit's teeth are visibly overgrown, please seek professional help.

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