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About us

The Idea

Our story started in 2018. TheSmallPets was founded by a couple who own a beautiful rabbit called Amelie. Unfortunately, Amelie had a problem with her teeth. They were overgrown, and they were causing her pain. Searching through internet, we weren't able to find a reliable page with all the information we needed. Some pages suggested some tools for trimming the rabbits teeth and finding those tools was a hassle as well. Thus, the idea was born.

Our Website

We decided to open up a website where you will be able to find all the information you need on your pets health problems and a place where you will be able to find tools and toys which will be useful to your pet. Keeping pet rabbits is similar to keeping other animals such as hamsters and guinea pigs, so we decided to dedicate our website to those animals as well. 

Our Promise 

We promise to keep our website full of reliable information gathered from trusted veterinary books which will help you in keeping your pets. We also promise to keep our inventory full of products which will be either helpful or healthy for your pets.